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Origenes is a table olives processing and product standardization company specializing in Kalamata olives.

Kalamon Olives

Kalamon or Kalamata Olive is the most famous table olive variety in Greece and worldwide. The brown–black color with red and purple shades, the pointy shape, the rich taste and its smooth bitterness are the characteristics that make her unique around the globe.

Whole Olives

Pitted Olives

Sliced Olives

Green Olives

Crunchy and spicy these olives offer a strong flavor while their premature state of harvesting offer numerous health benefits because they are full of antioxidants good fats and fibers.

Green Whole Olives

Green Pitted Olives

Green Sliced Olives

Kalamon Olive Paste

Kalamon Olive Paste is an excellent appetizer and a healthy snack for all occasions. Its smooth texture and rich taste make this product special and unique.